Experience that counts

HSE Mining provides specialised large-scale complex mining services to Australia’s major mining companies. In addition to this, we also offer full maintenance services and facilities as well as equipment rental services. We are experienced in working with a variety of mining methods and commodities, and have gained a reputation as an innovative and flexible provider that meet client needs.
Through our dedicated team of over 600 people, we provide cost-effective and reliable materials handling, with particular focus on safety and operational excellence.

Tailored methodologies that meet clients’ needs

HSE Mining has developed various mining methodologies for a variety of minerals and materials. These methodologies are tailored to meet the needs of our clients through the delivery of separate overburden and mining fleets, designed to reduce loss, and enhance production capabilities and targets, while providing operational flexibility.
Our capabilities deliver the required production rates and volumes and maximise the Net Present Value (NPV) of our clients’ projects. Our solutions are optimised in accordance with the mining description, geology and indicative haulage routes provided by our clients.
We are dedicated to full compliance with client specification and delivering the highest possible standard of operation, safety and quality. Our focus on the right people, the right equipment and the right systems allows us to offer fully customised services and maintain service excellence.
Our team of experienced people assist mine operators in selecting the right equipment for their projects, with full maintenance capability provided, both on and off site.

Fully reusable maintenance workshops

We offer customised workshop facilities to allow correct maintenance to be carried out on all equipment. All our modular workshops are fully reusable, including the concrete floor.


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Our proven, solution-driven safe systems and work methods demonstrate we can meet and exceed our clients’ requirements