South Walker Creek sets production record and maintains high safety performance

Date: 23-Dec-2015

The South Walker Creek team moved a record amount of material in September with the client-owned Cat 6060 machine, while maintaining focus on safety and early reporting of hazards.

The previous record of 1.00M bcm was surpassed with the excavator achieving 1.04M bcm and 50kT of coal at an averaged dig rate of 2,050 bcm per hour. The excavator achieved 541 productive hours (an excellent 91 per cent
availability) and an overall utilisation of 91 per cent of available hours.

The high utilisation can be attributed to the crews adapting to a new prestart process and hot seating program. The two Hitachi EX3600 also achieved high utilisation, achieving 86 per cent and 89 per cent respectively.

The most pleasing aspect of this record is that we maintained the effort in our recent safety performance. In August, we recorded 12 months without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) and at the end of September had lowered Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) to 4.66 (which is on target for the year goal of TRIFR<5).

We also maintained and improved our hazard reporting, with 134 hazards identified and fixed during the month, the highest number for a month in 2015.

This demonstrated that as a team, focusing on safety improves production results. Well done to all the team at HSE South Walker Creek, this is a credit to all crews and personnel involved.

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