New contract at Peak Downs achieving safety and production records

Date: 23-Dec-2015

In July, HSE executed a new services contract with BMA Peak Downs to supply personnel to operate both BMA-owned and leased equipment to remove overburden at Peak Downs for a six-month term. This contract differs from the existing contract in that the equipment is owned or leased by BMA. The fleet includes Hitachi EX5600 excavators and Leibherr T282C ultra-class electric drive rear dump trucks (352 tonne payload) and 56 people inducted to run the first unit.

The second fleet successfully commenced operation at the beginning of October, with a total workforce of 90 people now onsite operating across a continuous 7 * 7 (seven days on/seven days off) roster.

By the end of December 2015 the fleet will have expanded to four EX5600 machines (three operating machines) and a fleet of 14 T282C trucks.

We are also continuing to achieve excellent safety outcomes – the HSE Peak Downs team recorded a zero TRIFR at the end of September. Production requirements are also being achieved and the third fleet will start in December, bringing the total number of personnel to 164.

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