773F Service truck high flow enhancement program

Date: 23-Dec-2015

HSE is pleased to announce the renewed contract at BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Blackwater for our high flow rental service trucks. BMA chose to use HSE because of the good performance of our service trucks onsite for the last five years. BMA’s goal was to reduce the fuelling time on their ultra-class truck fleet.

Working together, HSE and BMA agreed on a design and HSE set about overhauling and upgrading two Cat 773F service trucks that had recently come off hire in Western Australia.

The main features on the trucks are side mounted 850 litres per minute (lpm) and 450lpm fuel delivery outlets. This gives BMA the option of fuelling one or two trucks simultaneously or having both fuel guns on while fuelling their excavators. Both service trucks are fitted with upgraded hydraulic drive compressors and the drive oil from the compressor
then circulates through the grease compartment to assist with the pumping during the colder months. The hydraulic circuit was redesigned with a dedicated flow divider so all hydraulic functions can be used at the same time without affecting the performance.

During the overhaul and upgrading of the two service trucks, every effort was made to build the trucks for ease of operation. Time was also taken to ensure they were BMA-compliant for quick up-time once the trucks got to site.

To assist with bedding the trucks onsite, Supervisor Mark Epis went to site to guide the site fitters with the assembly, commissioning and operation training of the service crews. He was onsite for a week each time and worked with the BMA team to train all the crews to operate the trucks safely and efficiently. He also worked with the site maintenance team to ensure they understood the maintenance requirements of the service modules to ensure their performance.

The trucks have now been onsite for a few months and the feedback has been extremely positive. Working with HSE, BMA has reduced the fuelling downtime on their excavators and ultra-class truck fleets. The design has again proven to be very reliable and is outperforming other brands of service trucks.

HSE is now evaluating the new high flow capacity on these service trucks and a refit program to our own fleet.

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