Improving equipment productivity through smart maintenance and production

Date: 24-Sep-2015

The prevailing pressure on commodity prices is driving the industry to look for ways to increase efficiency in every area of our business. While this is something we’ve always done at HSE, – indeed we have built our reputation in the industry on smart and efficient operations – there is now an urgent need to look at ways we can innovatively increase fleet productivity and cut costs in order to survive the current industry conditions.

A recent example at HSE of us doing just this was our project to optimise fuel efficiency on our 793F truck fleet. By working with our supplier to upgrade engine software we increased fuel efficiency by up to five per cent depending on work cycles (see the May edition of HSE News or for the full article).
Another way to increase productivity we have been pursuing is Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM). RCM is an evidence-based, data-driven methodology to extend component and equipment life. We continuously monitor the equipment to decide when a component should be changed out and use the best maintenance techniques to extend the safe operating life of components beyond the scheduled change-out time. In this way, we change components less often, and reduce maintenance costs, while maintaining the highest safety standards.
To achieve this though, we need all of us – production and maintenance – working together. Ultimately it’s about smart people using smart technology to make sound decisions to drive efficiency and productivity, and make HSE the preferred contractor for our customers and, in turn, the best contract mining company to work at. If you have any ideas about how we can improve processes and increase efficiency at HSE, please talk to your project manager.

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