Successful end to a long-term Northern Territory contract

Date: 5-May-2015

HSE won the Territory Iron ‘dry hire’ mining contract at Frances Creek in 2007. The mine had first been in production in the 1970s, but low grades and low iron ore prices forced the mine to close until prices had risen significantly and the Adelaide to Darwin railway line was completed, which then made the economics of the mine far more attractive.

Eight years on, sadly the mine has been forced to close again, and on 20 February 2015, Carl Pope and a small band of dedicated fitters, servicemen and crane operators lifted the last sea container on to a truck after eight weeks of cleaning excavators, dump trucks and a large assortment of ancillary equipment. Carl was responsible for ensuring all of HSE’s assets were correctly cleaned, repaired, dismantled for transportation and loaded on to heavy haulage floats to be transported to new sites or to a storage yard near Darwin. This task required large workshop structures, storage containers, oil storage facilities and offices to be packed up, catalogued and removed off site. The result needed to be a clean site with all infrastructure removed and the site signed back to our client, Territory Iron. Above all, this complex task had to be done safely.
For HSE, the Frances Creek mine was a very important project. The site activities varied depending on the prevailing iron ore prices, the amount of waste removal and the weather, with the annual ‘wet season’ always living up to its name by regularly dumping heavy downpours and flash flooding events. Throughout much of HSE’s time onsite, we had three fleets operating around the clock mining and hauling iron ore to the crusher stockpiles.
To Carl and all those who worked at Frances Creek, congratulations on completing this project safely and efficiently.

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