CAT 773E - mid-size truck

Date: 4-Sep-2009

HSE announced today the acquisition of an 80% shareholding of the company by Swire Mining Services Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of John Swire & Sons Ltd.

Along with our highly successful large Mine service trucks capable of carrying 35,000 litres of fuel HSE are adding a mid-size truck being a Cat 773E capable of 25,000 litres of diesel.
Tank Capacities
  • 25000 litre diesel tank with hydraulic driven fuel pump
  • 4000 litre waste tank
  • 4000 litre hydraulic oil tank
  • 3000 litre engine oil tank
  • 2000 litre transmission oil tank
  • 3000 litre gear oil tank
  • 1000 litre water tank
  • 1000 litre coolant tank
  • 75cfm compressor
  • Bulk grease pod fitted to rear
  • All tanks vent into a seated under floor compartment
  • All tanks vent into a breather tank with ground level evac.
  • Bulk grease pod has a high flow pump and a high pressure pump fitted

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